AU G-Grade Q2 2017

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Once upon a time – Trade Credit Insurance in Dubai

Although the concept of credit insurance is still relatively new for Dubai and other countries in the Middle East, the speed of expansion cannot be compared with what we have seen in Europe since the end of the Second World War.


Country Risks Analysis Q2 2017

Discover the main trends of the country risks for Q2 2017



Discover in this infographic from our AU G-Grade Q2 the main trends of country risks for this quarter.


STUDY - Credit Insurance Market

Download our study of the credit insurance market and discover the key trends for 2016

Once upon a time - Trade Credit Insurance in Dubai

Once upon a time: Trade Credit Insurance in Dubai – Episode 1

Trade credit insurance has been widely used in Europe for quite…
20 June 2017/by Aurelien Paradis
New trends in country risks: AU G-GRADE Q2 2017

New trends in country risks: AU G-GRADE Q2 2017

Our “country risk” measurement tool, the AU G-Grade, has…
9 May 2017/by Olivier de la Pontais
digitalisation of invoices

Digitalisation of invoices, an opportunity to be mastered

Before 2013, legislation only allows two ways for the digitalisation…
4 April 2017/by Olivier Lustin
cyber security

Cyber security still too weak in France

Cybercrime has become the second most common type of fraud and…
28 March 2017/by Vincent Tertrais
Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance, the backbone of emerging markets

Unlike other lines of general insurance, Trade Credit Insurance…
14 March 2017/by Aurelien Paradis
G-Grade Q1 2017

New trends in country risks: AU G-GRADE Q1 2017

In the first quarter of 2017, credit insurers have reassessed…
7 March 2017/by Olivier de la Pontais

A better understanding of how bonds can protect your company

Being able to provide a bond will give confidence to many suppliers…
14 February 2017/by Jérôme Goldie

The Fintechs: towards a revolution of finance?

Finance and Technology are the two pillars upon which these new…
24 January 2017/by Marc Delerue

Uncertainty and debt

Mixing uncertainty with debt. Rarely a healthy recipe. The festive…
10 January 2017/by Roch Simard
Multi-Reverse Factoring

The rise of Multi-Reverse Factoring

"Multi-Reverse Factoring" is an alternative to conventional financing…
13 December 2016/by Nicolas du Plessis
One credit insurer

What if the answer does not lie with just one credit insurer!

Simplicity, economy of scale, volume leverage... So many good…
6 December 2016/by Valentine du Payrat
credit risk

Preventing credit risk: yes, but at what cost?

Risk management within a company helps to control the budget…
29 November 2016/by Vivien de Lassee

Credit insurance: an investment where the profitability can be objectively measured (ROI)

It is much too common for companies to consider insurance as…
22 November 2016/by Laurent de Négri

Diversify your financing sources with factoring!

One of the paradoxes in these times of economic tension is the…
15 November 2016/by Matthieu Arnoux
G-Grade N6AUGGRADEQ42016

New trends in country risks: AU G-GRADE Q4 2016

9 countries have seen their country risk evolve significantly…
8 November 2016/by Olivier de la Pontais

New trends in country risks: AU G-GRADE 3Q 2016

This new country risk assessment covers the period from the 1st…
8 September 2016/by Olivier de la Pontais
Cyber attack methods and business impact Cover

Cyber attack methods and business impact

When Jimi Hendrix sang Elmore James' Bleeding Heart, little did…
20 July 2016/by Ernest Legrand
Too big to fail Don't live in fear of your main customer going out to business, think single buyer

Too big to fail ? Don’t live in fear of your main customer going out to business, think single buyer

Too big to fail ? Don't live in fear of your main customer going…
9 June 2016/by Agnes Lefevre

New trends in country risks: AU G-GRADE 2Q 2016

Risk Managers cannot avoid taking into consideration the current…
11 May 2016/by Olivier de la Pontais

Greece at a crossroad

The political uncertainty, capital controls, the impact of the…
8 March 2016/by Loïsa Ranunkel

New trends in country risks – Focus Greece

It might be a surprise for some people to see the G-Grade of…
2 February 2016/by Olivier de la Pontais
political risks

Be proactive in assessing your political risks !

The worldwide credit crunch in 2008-2009; the drastic and swift…
12 January 2016/by Loïsa Ranunkel

Where is Waldo? … On export markets … Yes, but…

Who has not ever played "Where is Waldo?» You know, this game…
17 December 2015/by Roch Simard

Credit Insurance – An Evolving Product

Many businesses buy different types of insurance to protect themselves…
4 December 2015/by Teri Diaz

Knowing your business partners is essential for smooth growth

Sales development involves finding new business partners further…
26 November 2015/by Pénélope Cardera

Check-list: The key points of customer identification

Customer identification guidelines were established by the European…
10 November 2015/by Nathalie Lopes
défaillances entreprises

Payment delays and corporate insolvencies: a “cause and effect” relationship

France - Payment delays and corporate insolvencies: a “cause…
5 November 2015/by Ladislas Cassin

G Grade 3rd quarter : Discover new trends in country risks

A quarter might seem to be a short period of time, but it’s…
13 October 2015/by Olivier de la Pontais

Crises and opportunities

It is generally accepted that receivables represent approximately…
23 July 2015/by Predrag Pancevski
US Bankruptcy Law

US Bankruptcy Law and the Rise of Preference Claims

It has often been said that risk taking and entrepreneurial spirit…
30 June 2015/by Oliver Squibb
Grading for Country Risk AU-G-GRADE-China

Innovative Grading for Country Risk

The Dashboard of Grading for Country Risk AU Group has just…
29 June 2015/by Howard Manton

A Study of the Credit Insurance Market

With minimal growth being experienced in Western Europe, the…
25 June 2015/by Howard Manton
Austrian Insolvencies down

Austrian Insolvencies down by 12.6% in Q1 2015

The total number of insolvencies decreased from 1,452 in Q1 2014…
16 April 2015/by Christoph Zawadil

Businesses in trouble: end of short-term financing?

Few companies enjoy a steady flow of business with customer orders…
9 April 2015/by Marc Delerue
German credit insurance market

German credit insurance market

In 2014 the economic recovery stabiled at a good level, based…
19 March 2015/by AU German Desk

Dubai : a market facing a lack of transparency

The United Arab of Emirates (UAE) was created in 1971 on the…
22 January 2015/by Aurelien Paradis

Overview of the credit risk and the credit insurance market in Russia

1- Can you give us an overview of the economic situation in Russia…
15 January 2015/by Thomas Bolinger

The economic situation in the Czech Republic

The economy in the Czech Republic had been in a protracted recession…
8 January 2015/by Thomas Drobik

Competition of Currency depreciation

It was another surprise to see Japanese yen going down to another…
11 December 2014/by Eugene Chen

Losses can be large, sudden and unexpected

Recently, OW Bunker, one of the world's largest bunker suppliers,…
26 November 2014/by Howard Manton

Solutions for Commercial and Financial Information

Although the first commercial information bureau opened in 1841…
16 October 2014/by Ingrid Becuwe

Sicherstellung von Liquidität in Österreich

Die Sicherstellung einer ausreichenden Liquidität ist laut einer…
9 October 2014/by Christoph Zawadil

Overview of the credit risk and the credit insurance market in China

1. Hui Wang, Can you give us an overview of the economic situation…
25 September 2014/by Hui Wang
Credit Risk Management

Trading Companies coping with Credit Risk Management

Until recently, trading companies had little need for credit…
18 September 2014/by Vivien de Lassee

Giving an overview of the Italian economic situation today is quite a simple thing: we are in a deep crisis!

However, a few months ago a character has arrived on our political…
11 September 2014/by Daria Mariscotti

Comments on US Bankruptcy Code “ Preference Claims”

Comments on US Bankruptcy Code “Preference Claims”: defenses…
4 September 2014/by Bryan Squibb

How to best to prepare for a risk negotiation meeting with an insurer

In a persistent uncertain environment, even if companies must…
31 July 2014/by Nicolas du Plessis

Eastern Europe: A challenging business environment!

In 2014, Eastern Europe is forecast to see a slight deterioration…
22 July 2014/by Valentine du Payrat

The UK Economy – A Real Recovery or Flattering to Deceive?

Laurie Harton of Hanwell Atkinson Ltd takes a snapshot of the…
5 June 2014/by Laurie Harton
crédit documentaire

Credit insurance – a possible alternative to Letters of Credit

A Letter of Credit is widely acknowledged as being the most reassuring…
22 May 2014/by Jean Baptiste de Bouard
Moyen de paiement export

Overseas sales: Choosing the right payment method!

With growth prospects in Europe forecast to be disappointing,…
15 May 2014/by Francois Fargis

Non-Recourse Invoice Discounting Facility v Recourse Invoice Discounting with a separate Credit Insurance Policy

In his latest blog, Mark Barton of our UK associate, Hanwell…
17 April 2014/by Mark Barton

SEPA: Single Euro Payments Area / New procedures for bank transfers and direct debits in 2014

As of 1 August 2014, SEPA credit transfers and SEPA direct debits…
20 March 2014/by Anne Sylvie Bouret

AU Group International conference 2014

AU Group held an International Conference in Paris on the 6th…
21 February 2014/by Olivier de la Pontais
Risque de non transfert

Insuring against a transfer risk

A non-transfer risk, sometimes accompanied by a currency risk,…
6 February 2014/by Jean Lalanne Larrieu
Pari Africain

Dare to invest in Africa!

Only export or innovative businesses are optimistic in the current…
24 January 2014/by Valentine du Payrat

News and issues from credit management IT tools

The Financial and Administrative Directors Congress held in July…
26 November 2013/by Olivier de la Pontais
Assurance crédit

Top-Up solutions: a guaranteed “boost” to be used wisely !

As its name suggests, Top-Up insurance is extra cover granted…
19 November 2013/by Stephan Haushofer
Reverse Factoring

Reverse Factoring

In a gloomy economic climate and an increasingly restrictive regulatory context (LME [French Law on the Modernisation of the Economy], Basel III, etc.), banks are increasingly wary when it comes to financing companies, at a time when cash flows are feeling the pinch. In these uncertain times, CFOs are searching more than ever for ways to improve performance.
15 September 2013/by Arnaud De Fleurieu
Le Risque de Fabrication

Manufacturing risk

The purpose of a credit insurance policy is to cover your credit…
14 September 2013/by Dominique Monnier

Overview of credit-insurance market in Canada

The Canadian market is shared by six private insurers and one Canadian Crown Corporation - Export Development Canada (EDC).
22 August 2013/by Roch Simard