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G-Grade Q4 2020

The latest issue of the G-Grade is out: find out the new trends of country risks

Credit Insurance Market 2020

Credit Insurance Market Survey 2020

At a time where credit insurance companies are facing one of the greatest crisis in their history, AU Group’s market study reviews the performance of the different insurers, as well as the main financial indicators at 31/12/2019, before the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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G-Grade Q4 2020: Country Risk Analysis

No one is able to say today what will be the medium- to long-term impact of the health crisis. But thanks to the G-Grade, which is a synthesis of the country risk analysis of 4 credit insurers (which all have radically different DNAs), we can provide you with a very relevant indicator to better understand your export risk.

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The ‘3S’ credit insurance concept

It is key to structure the product properly, and a credit insurance broker should follow three basic credit insurance rules to get the right tailored made solution: Studying, Structuring and Supporting

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AU Group is the world’s largest broker exclusively specialised in the insurance, financing and management of trade receivables
We support our clients by the structuring, placement and management of solutions for:

Credit Protection - Credit Financing - Credit Management

Our expertise

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Our integrated solutions enable us to take an overall approach and maximize the value of your account receivables.

Key facts

260 people260 people
Managing Policies in more than 70 CountriesPastille 51 Offices in 28 Countries
300 Billion Commercial Transactions covered Globally
4500 clients
Leading Specialist Advisor

Our organisation



Jean-Claude de Lassée

AU Group Executive Committee

AU Group Executive Committee

From left to right, Laurent de Négri, Dominique Monnier, Mathieu de Moucheron, Gildas de Lantivy, Baudouin de Thoré, CEO and Stephan Haushofer

The Financing and Bond Team

The Financing and Bond Team

From left to right, Marc Delerue, Alain David, Servan le Conte, Matthieu Arnoux, Olivier Lustin, Antoine de Broucker, Ladislas Cassin et Frédéric Laporte

The Large Deal Team

The Large Deal Team

From left to right, Pierre-Marie Blanchet, Arnaud de Fleurieu, Thibault Guipet, Ingrid Becuwe, Bruno de Seroux, Nicolas du Plessis, Olivier Tonon, Vincent Tertrais, Olivier de la Brosse and François Fargis

The International Team

The International Team

From left to right, Jean Lalanne Larrieu, Olivier de la Pontais, Valentine du Payrat, Jean-Baptiste de Boüard, Howard Manton, Myriam Petretti, Ralph Snedden and Marc Lizé

Global presence

Since opening its first office in Asia over 20 years ago, AU Group has developed extensive experience in placing and servicing international programmes.

AU Group’s capacity to support its customers through an International Programme is based, in particular, on the involvement and availability of the dedicated teams we put together to provide daily service and assistance..

Because each company has its own international culture and strategy, we offer either a centralised service provided by a multilingual team or local support, or a combination of the two.

The success of an International Programme depends on good organisation, understanding the individual customer’s needs and a consistent high level of service worldwide.

AU Group is currently present in 28 countries (51 offices) with policies set up in 77 countries.


Our operation


Why AU Group ?

Unique expertise

in the implementation of insurance and short-term financing programs globally,

Structured  involvement of our staff

providing ongoing support to ensure policies run smoothly and terms and conditions are optimised

Stability and staff continuity

provides knowledge and strong relationships

Unique relationships and contact with insurers.

Our proximity to the main insurers’ headquarters  has led to key relationships at the highest level and facilitates negotiations to obtain the best terms and conditions in the market.

International capability

including a local, customer-focused approach,

The latest business innovations and technological developments

to optimise your customer receivables.

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