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Us bankruptcy law and the rise of preference claims

It has often been said that risk taking and entrepreneurial spirit are what drive the economy of the United States. In many ways [...]


ACER Interview

Discover the interview of Christian H. Greisberger, Senior Corporate Director Credit Risk Management at ACER..


Coface Panorama Baromater sector risks in the world

Discover in this document the detail of the assessments of sectorial risks in the world, from North America to Europe, in the production of the oil of schist, in the sector of the chemistry [...]

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ECONOMIC OUTLOOK : Focus on the signal and ignore the noise

After six years of intense depression, it seems that a weaker euro, lower oil prices and cheap financing costs are doing the trick – the largest economy in the world, Europe, is finally on the mend. It did not come at zero cost for companies and households, but we should rejoice of finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, the world has changed dramatically. Asia got organized, and the U.S. has managed to show its resilience to strong headwinds. Discover in this document the detail of the key macroeconomic indicators by geography.

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