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Be proactive in assessing your political risks !

Political risks can have a huge impact on corporate balance sheets especially for companies conducting business in the global marketplace. [...]


AU G Grade 1Q 2016 - Discover new trends in country risks and monitor your business globally

Discover the new dashboard to monitor country risks which will help guide you in developing your business internationally. [...]

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Bertelsmann Interview

Discover the interview of Jurand Honisch, Senior Vice President Risk Management & Insurance details the trade credit insurance solutions in place in the Bertelsmann Group

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The seven dwarfs of global growth

How will the world economy perform in 2016? In this study, Euler Hermes identifies seven key drivers of growth that are too small. It explores and analyzes trends in trade, consumerism, investment, insolvencies and other crucial elements of GDP growth. It calls for caution in the face of the “Evil Queen of insolvencies”. One reason for cautious optimism: the “Snow White” of investment is finally reawakening. The report also focuses on regions and hotspots, including China, Brazil, the oil supply glut and commodity prices. It offers a new country risk map and charts, including one that summarizes emerging markets’ exposure to Fed interest rate hikes, commodity exports and China.

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