Credit Insurance Market 2017 Infographic

Performance, C/P Ratios, total risk exposure... Discover in this in infographic the main trends of the credit insurance market in 2017.

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Once upon a time: Trade Credit Insurance in Dubai – Episode 2: Awareness

As explained in the previous article, the launch of trade credit insurance in an emerging market such as Dubai involves five phases: awareness, growth, exuberance, education, and normalisation. This article will look at the first of these phases: awareness.


Study 2017 – Credit Insurance Market

Strong competition, slowdown of the insured turnover: discover the key trends of the credit insurance market in our new study.


AU G-Grade Q2 2017

Download the new trends in country risks and monitor your business globally.


Country Risks Analysis Q2 2017

Discover the main trends of the country risks for Q2 2017

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