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G-Grade Q4 2020

The latest issue of the G-Grade is out: find out the new trends of country risks

Credit Insurance Market 2020

Credit Insurance Market Survey 2020

At a time where credit insurance companies are facing one of the greatest crisis in their history, AU Group’s market study reviews the performance of the different insurers, as well as the main financial indicators at 31/12/2019, before the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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G-Grade Q4 2020: Country Risk Analysis

No one is able to say today what will be the medium- to long-term impact of the health crisis. But thanks to the G-Grade, which is a synthesis of the country risk analysis of 4 credit insurers (which all have radically different DNAs), we can provide you with a very relevant indicator to better understand your export risk.

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The ‘3S’ credit insurance concept

It is key to structure the product properly, and a credit insurance broker should follow three basic credit insurance rules to get the right tailored made solution: Studying, Structuring and Supporting

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