AU Group International conference 2014

AU Group held an International Conference in Paris on the 6th and 7th of February 2014. This event was particularly welcomed by the AU “Family”, because of recent new business successes that reinforce AU’s commitment to a continuing improvement of its worldwide servicing capabilities.

AU Group started to build its international capability over 20 years ago. At the time this was to support large French corporates which were increasing their overseas representation and to help foreign groups protect their sales in OECD. Being global for several years, AU has built an organisation, in which each member shares the same long term values, able to deliver a uniform and consistent service everywhere in the world.

This becomes feasible by agreeing best procedures, coordinating teams but especially by increasing communication and sharing best practice among members. The last International Conference had confirmed this strategy was the right one.

80 people represented by 20 nationalities met for two days during which the time was split between conference presentations and small team workshops covering subjects such as international sales, policy management, IT tools, reporting etc… All the attendees agreed on how fruitful the event was and how rich were the exchanges. Furthermore this close collaboration was evidenced by the recent success stories AU Group had in 2013. The conference confirmed that AU group is the only Trade Credit Insurance & Finance broker organisation which is working as one united team.

The next International Conference will be organised in Germany in 2015.