Credit insurance: an investment where the profitability can be objectively measured (ROI)

It is much too common for companies to consider insurance as an additional cost. Unless such insurance is mandatory, it is often sacrificed in the name of cost reduction. Because credit insurance is a discretionary purchase, many companies consider it a burden and not a true investment. In reality, its return on investment  (ROI), profitability and results can easily be measured and compared… providing one takes into account the real costs and the hidden ones of each solution!

Helping you measure the ROI of credit insurance

Drawing from its long experience in the fields of management, transfer and financing of trade receivables, but also from the variety of the sectors in which it operates and the organisations of its clients, AU Group has developped an effective method to calculate the ROI. Its results make it possible to measure with complete transparency the impact of credit insurance on the cost of risk management, as well as the improvement of the financial fees and the company’s profit margin.

With data provided by the company, the programme developped by AU Group calculates the global cost generated by the organisation (obtaining financial information, external recovery service, staff dedicated to credit analysis and collections…) and compares it to the costs or benefits if credit insurance was purchased.

Our ROI programme gives the company the opportunity to make an informed decision, which, combined with our experience in structuring domestic or export tailored programmes of credit risk transfer, offers the company the best guarantee for success, more effective and more sustainable; in short, a true development tool for its sales.

Do you want to challenge your organisation? Our teams are at your service to measure its cost and its ROI… free of charge and commitment!


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