German credit insurance market

German credit insurance market

In 2014 the economic recovery stabiled at a good level, based on an upturn in business investment and an increasing consumption. Since 2013 businesses have benefitted from an improving domestic and external economic situation.  Non-payments are expected to decline further. From the point of view of the German credit insurers, the estimated number of insolvencies in 2014 declined to 24.000.

Never before have the credit insurance companies in Germany covered as much outstanding debts of their customers. The covered exposure for commercial credit insurances increased to 368 billion Euros (status end of 3rd quarter 2013). About 50.000 companies use a commercial credit insurance policy in Germany. Classic sectors are manufacturing systems engineering and plant engineering, steel and construction industry as well as textile industry and automotive supply industry. Due to an increasing consumption as well as an active investment behavior, the business activities in Germany increase appreciably. The credit insurers are seen as important financing partners for the German economy.

According to Ralf Meurer, Head of the commission for credit insurance of the German Insurance Association (GDV), the covered exposure of the German credit insurers increased significantly more than the gross domestic product. The credit insurance market in Germany provides assurance for nearly 3 million supplier relationships.

At present the credit insurers cover 1.6 trillion Euros for delivery of goods worldwide. With regard to the globalisation it is increasingly important to be well prepared and positioned in the international market.

As an independent insurance specialist it is necessary to represent the interests of clients worldwide. International operating companies expect their insurance brokers to think and act in global processes.  AU Germany’s experienced staff are specialised in global business and work closely with the AU Group to provide comprehensive support for all requirements of their clients in Germany.

The services offered by the AU Germany range from advisory services to complex insurance and financing solutions. AU Germany provides:

  • local services with local colleagues, meeting the international requirements as well as local specifications including legal requirements,
  • placement and design of international programmes
  • the option of centralised or decentralised contract negotiation
  • uniform policies worldwide,
  • expert monitoring for the clients with regard to their activities,
  • realisation of necessary transparency in international markets.

The AU German Desk consists of 3 independent brokers:

  • HANSEKONTOR Maklergesellschaft mbH
  • GGW Kreditversicherungsmakler GmbH (GGW Credit)
  • GVG Grzybowski Versicherungsvermittlungsgesellschaft mbH

specialised in credit insurance, national and international programmes (design, coordination, account management and servicing), factoring, financing, fidelity insurance, leasing, forfaiting, bonds, guarantees and VSV solutions.  The AU group German Desk has locations in the main cities in Germany.